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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Online 3D Printing Service


These General Conditions of Sale (in the sequel, General conditions) hanno per oggetto la disciplina dell’;purchase of Services and Products, carried out remotely, via telematic network from the Website "3D PRINT SERVICES” raggiungibile all’;website address:

The owner of the site is the company: ElettronicaNetwork of Licciardò Maurizio with registered office in Via delle Gardenie, 76 – 09045 Quartu Sant’;elena (Cagliari), Tel. 070 810664 –; 333 7602601

Acceptance of the general conditions of sale

All orders for Services and Products made through "3D PRINT SERVICES" (in the sequel, i Contratti d’;Purchase) by the users who access it (in the sequel, customers) are governed by these General Conditions as well as by the Consumer Code (D.lgs. No.. 206/2005), section II Distance contracts (Articles. 50 – 67) and the e-commerce rules (D.lgs. 70/2003).

Con la conclusione dei Contratti d’;Purchase, according to procedure, the Customer accepts and undertakes to comply with these General Conditions. The client, therefore, is invited to read carefully, before making any purchase, these General Conditions e, once the purchase procedure provided by the Site has been completed, to print them or otherwise keep them, in your preferred way.

ElettronicaNetwork may modify, at any time and without notice, the content of the General Conditions, ai Contratti d’;Acquisto si applicheranno le Condizioni Generali pubblicate sul Sito al momento dell’;invio dell’;same purchase order by the Customer.


"3D PRINT SERVICES" is a telematic site for the sale of various categories of high-tech electronic products and in particular of anti-intrusion systems, for video surveillance, informatica, computer, telephony and special instruments for detecting the radioactivity of its own production. Other categories of products may be added to the website in the future without necessarily being mentioned here

All the Products offered are detailed in the respective pages of the Site, all’;inside the respective sections, divided into Product categories. The visual representation of the Products on the Site, where available, corrisponde normalmente all’;photographic image of the Products themselves and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale, without any guarantee or commitment, by ElettronicaNetwork, circa l’;esatta corrispondenza dell’;image shown on the Site with the real Product; and that, with particular regard to its real dimensions and / or the chromatic aspects of the Products and / or packaging. In caso di differenza tra l’;image and written product sheet, the description of the product sheet is always authentic.

Procedura d’;purchase

Il Cliente può acquistare online i Prodotti presenti nel catalogo elettronico di “STAMPA 3D SERVIZI” che risultano dettagliatamente illustrati selezionandoli a partire dalla home page del Sito medesimo “navigando” all’;within the respective sections by product category, as described in the relevant information sheets, respecting the technical access procedures illustrated therein.

La pubblicazione dei Prodotti esposti sul Sito costituisce un invito rivolto al Cliente a formulare una proposta contrattuale d’;purchase. L’;order sent by the Customer has contractual value and involves full knowledge and full acceptance of these General Conditions

L’;the correct receipt of the Customer's proposal has been confirmed by ElettronicaNetwork S.r.l.. mediante una risposta automatica inviata all’;indirizzo di posta elettronica comunicato dalCliente e conferma solamente la corretta ricezione della proposta all’;internal information systems. Tale messaggio di conferma indicherà un “;Numero Ordine”;, to be used in any subsequent communication with ElettronicaNet. The message will repeat, in addition to the information required by law, all data entered by the Customer who undertakes to verify its correctness and to promptly communicate any corrections. Possible increases in expenses caused by errors in the data not reported promptly,will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Each order can be viewed by the Customer on the Site, in your personal area who also has the right to cancel it within 12 hours from the moment you forward it, provided that the goods have not been sent in the meantime,. Per richiedere l’;cancellation the customer must make a written request by email to ElettronicaNetwork by calling the customer service numbers. 070 810664 / 333 7602601.

In caso di annullamento dell’;customer order If the goods have not yet been shipped, Payments by credit card and PayPal will be fully re-credited to the same credit card as the customer. Instead, in case of payment by bank transfer, the re-credit fees will be charged to the same customer

It may be possible that occasional non-availability of the Products offered may occur, then, if the Products chosen by the Customer are not, in whole or in part available, l’;order will be sent with the available products after having sent communication to the Customer regarding the unavailable products.

ElettronicaNetwork has the right to accept or not, at its discretion, l’;order sent by the customer, senza che quest’;the latter may make claims or rights of any kind, in any capacity, also compensation, in caso di mancata accettazione dell’;order itself. In particular, ElettronicaNet S.r.l.. reserves the right not to accept purchase proposals and cancel orders that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or if, even after comparison with the circuit that manages credit card payments, anomalies in the transactions and in the means of payment used by the Customer result.

La conferma dell’;order placed by the customer via the site: "3D PRINT SERVICES" and the availability of the ordered goods will be notified by email to the Customer by ElettronicaNetwork within 1 working day of the electronic receipt of the same.

Le spese di consegna sono adeguatamente evidenziate al momento dell’;order. The cost of each shipment, il cui ammontare potrà variare in base alla modalità di consegna e di pagamento nonché alla destinazione ed al peso complessivo della merce e all’;importo totale dell’;order.

Shipping method and delivery costs

ElettronicaNetwork generally delivers orders by courier throughout the Italian territory except for rare but possible exceptions and delivery will take place without an appointment.

ElettronicaNetwork issues a regular invoice for the Products purchased, when the products have been paid for by the customer in the various accepted ways, or bank transfer, credit card and cash, Per l’;issue of the invoice the information provided by the Customer is authentic. Nessuna variazione dei dati sarà possibile dopo l’;issue of the invoice itself.

No responsibility, in any capacity, potrà essere addebitata dal Cliente a ElettronicaNetwork in caso di ritardo nella consegna da parte del corriere dei Prodotti regolarmente spediti e oggetto dei Contratti d’;Acquisto I Prodotti ordinati saranno inviati all’;postal address specified by the Customer and deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday, during normal office hours, excluding national holidays.

La consegna è ritenuta completata nel momento in cui il Prodotto è messo a disposizione del Cliente all’;indirizzo specificato nel modulo d’;order. In caso di mancata consegna per assenza del destinatario all’;specified address, the courier will leave a notice and attempt delivery the next day.

In caso di impossibilità nell’;also deliver the next day due to absence of the recipient, Customer Service will attempt to contact the Customer to schedule a new delivery. In the event that the Customer Service is unable to contact the Customer for the next 3 days or in the event of further impossibility of delivery due to the prolonged absence of the recipient, i Prodotti oggetto dell’;order will be returned to ElettronicaNetwork which will charge the customer the courier's storage costs and for the possible return of the goods.

Upon delivery of the Products by the courier appointed by ElettronicaNetwork, the Customer must scrupulously check:

  • 1 Che la confezione risulti integra e l’;packaging not damaged or otherwise altered
  • 2 That the number of pieces delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document

Any damage to the packaging and the Products or the mismatch in the number of pieces / packages or indications must be immediately contested by the Customer, che potrà contattare ElettronicaNetwork attraverso il Servizio Clienti specificando l’;the order in which these errors occurred.

Cases of force majeure, unavailability of means of transport, as well as unforeseeable or inevitable events that cause a delay in deliveries or make deliveries difficult or impossible or that cause a significant increase in the delivery cost charged to ElettronicaNetwork will entitle it to split, postpone or cancel, in whole or in part, la consegna prevista ovvero di risolvere il Contratto d’;Purchase. In tali ipotesi sarà cura di ElettronicaNetwork fornire tempestiva ed adeguata comunicazione delle proprie determinazioni all’;indirizzo di posta elettronica indicato dal Cliente e quest’;the latter will be entitled to a refund of any price already paid, excluding any further claims, in any capacity, towards ElettronicaNetwork.

Modalita’; of payment

CAUTION: Prima di effettuare qualunque tipo di pagamento il cliente è tenuto a contattare l’;ElettronicaNetwork sales office at 070 810664/333 760201 to make sure of the availability of the product ordered and the time required for its shipment by courier

For irrelevant amounts (within 500 Euros), the customer will be enabled to pay for the Products purchased with his credit card on Paypal or from his eventual PayPal account, which is the well-known eBay group company, and offers a quick and secure payment system. In the case of higher amounts, the default payment method and bank transfer.

When payment by bank transfer is expected, ElettronicaNetwork comunicherà all’;indirizzo e-mail del cliente il proprio IBAN affinche il cliente possa procedera pagamento dell’;order.

When cash on delivery is expected, the customer can pay cash directly to the courier who will deliver the ordered Products. Il corriere non consegnerà i Prodotti se non riceverà l’;required amount.

It warns you that, in compliance with current anti-money laundering legislation, cash on delivery payment will only be possible for amounts less than €. 1000 (Mille).

In some cases, the customer may be asked by ElettronicaNetwork for the advance payment of a deposit to be established, o anche il saldo anticipato dell’;whole supply in one solution, in particular for orders that concern goods available or produced only on order , and in general for all deliveries of significant amounts. The contexts in which the payment of a deposit or the advance balance may be required, e la percentuale stessa dell’;deposit, will be arbitrarily established by ElettronicaNet S.r.l..

Guarantee application:

The statutory warranty only covers manufacturing defects, for private individuals, the minimum statutory duration is 2 years (2) or even more where it is specified differently. For companies or professionals, who buy with VAT, as required by Italian legislation, the legal guarantee is instead equal to (1) just one year.

The guarantee can automatically and immediately expire, se l’;acquirente fa un uso del prodotto in modo non conforme all’;use for which it was built, and therefore if it does not scrupulously comply with the specifications declared by the manufacturer and / or by ElettronicaNetwork.

The start of the guarantee, begins on the date of purchase of the product. l’;acquisto deve essere documentato opportunamente dal cliente con l’;presentation of the purchase invoice when he intends to make use of the guarantee..

the warranty does not cover any call rights, therefore in the case of a request for home intervention (where it is however possible for logistical reasons) which amount to a one-time fee of 50 Euro + VAT

The products to be repaired still under warranty can be delivered by hand by the clinic itself or shipped carriage paid after completing the online returns form.. then ElettronicaNetwork will verify the compliance of the request and in case of a positive outcome it will authorize the return assigning it also an RMA number, which must be clearly specified by the customer on the label affixed to the package containing the product to be shipped. The shipment must also contain a copy of the sales invoice and will be sent to the operational headquarters of our company. Or in via Ludovico Ariosto, 30 - 09129 Cagliari - delivery times possible from 4pm.00 every 20.00, from Monday to Friday, holidays excluded.

In the case of obsolescent items, discontinued and / or not repairable, il prodotto difettoso verrà sostituito d’;office without any additional cost for the customer (free of charge), with a similar device, having commercial value and / or similar or even higher characteristics, than the original product.

I costi di trasporto sostenuti dal cliente per l’;forwarding in repair of the goods under warranty, are always to be considered in full by the same, the customer also assumes full responsibility for the possible risk of damage or loss of the goods during the transport of the same.

Withdrawal, right to rethink and refunds

As required by the Legislative Decree LEGISLATIVE DECREE of February 21, 2014, n. 21 Implementation of Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights, amending Directives 93/13 / EEC and 1999/44 / EC and repealing Directives 85/577 / EEC and 97/7 / EC. (14G00033) (OJ General Series n.58 of 11.3.2014). , the client, that it is a natural person who makes a purchase for purposes that can be considered unrelated to his professional activity, può manifestare nei limiti e nelle modalità previste dalla suindicata legge il diritto di ripensamento sull’;purchase made

THE CUSTOMER ONCE RECEIVED AND VISIONED THE GOODS, has the right to withdraw from the contract. Il cliente che intenda avvalersi del “;diritto di recesso”; must send within 14 days. Upon receipt of the goods, written communication at the registered office of ElettronicaNetwork, preferably by registered letter with return receipt a: ElettronicaNet S.r.l., Via delle Gardenie, 76, 09045 Flumini di Quartu Sant’; Elena (Cagliari)

Per l’;applicazione del diritto di recesso l’;integrity of products is an essential condition. La volonta’; to withdraw must be expressed by the customer within a time limit of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the goods.

The goods must also be returned within 10 days. from the confirmation of receipt of the same registered letter with prior authorization from ElettronicaNetwork that the. customer must request in writing by filling in the online returns form

Le spese di spedizione per l’;sending, those for returning the goods, ed altre eventuali legate alla personalizzazione e/o assemblaggio finale dei prodotti contestualmente all’;customer order, however they remain the responsibility of the customer. Le somme dovute verranno restituite al cliente da ElettronicaNetwork tramite riaccredito su conto Paypal o carta di credito se il pagamento dell’;order had been made with Paypal brokerage, or by bank transfer. The refund will be sent to the customer within 14 calendar days of receiving the withdrawal notification letter.

5) Replenishment of advance sums on orders for goods not available

On orders for Goods not yet processed and / or goods that are not available, in this case if after a maximum of 30 working days, unless special agreements, it was not yet possible to ship the goods in order, the sale will be automatically canceled, and the customer will be refunded in full within 14 calendar days of all sums possibly already anticipated by him if paid by bank transfer or postal order

ElettronicaNetwork si riserva la facoltà di poter Rescindere unilateralmente l’;order or

we reserve ourselves. unquestionable judgment to be able to unilaterally cancel at any time, any type of order that can reach us, in this case we will send a timely written communication to the customer, acknowledging the full reimbursement of any sums of money that may have already been paid by the same as a deposit or advance balance.

Communications and complaints

Tutte le comunicazioni o gli eventuali reclami del Cliente nei confronti di ElettronicaNetwork relativamente ai Contratti d’;Purchase, dovranno essere comunicati attraverso Email oppure tramite gli appositi form di contatto presente all’;inside the website.

Intellectual property rights

All brands (registered and unregistered), come pure ogni e qualsiasi opera dell’;intelligence, distinctive sign or denomination, image, photography, written or graphic text and more generally. any other intangible property protected by international intellectual property and industrial laws and conventions, reproduced on the Site remain the exclusive property of ElettronicaNetwork and / or its assignors, senza che dall’;accesso al Sito e/o dalla Stipulazione dei Contratti d’;Purchase gives the customer no right to the same.

Any use, even if only partial, it is prohibited without the prior written authorization of ElettronicaNetwork and / or its assignors, in favor of which they are reserved, exclusively, all related rights.

Competent forum

Eventuali controversie relative all’interpretazione ed esecuzione dei contratti stipulati in adesione alle presenti condizioni generali saranno risolte davanti all’;Judicial Authority competent according to applicable law, in the case of "consumer" customers, while for "professional" customers the competent forum will be Cagliari.